Best Business Podcasts – Part 2

In our last podcast post, I listed a few of my favorite business podcasts. Here are a few more to fill out the list.


The Mixergy podcast is an amazing collection of interviews with entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners on how they achieved their success. Mixergy also offers a premium membership (which I also subsrcibe to), that includes even more in-depth interviews and online courses on writing, lead generation, funding, and other essential skills.

Wall Street Journal on Small Business

The Wall Street Journal on Small Business podcast is a weekly show with a variety of new stories, interviewes and profiles for those running (or starting) small businesses. Great stuff.

Startups for the Rest Of Us

Decidedly more tech-focused than some of the others, the Startups For The Rest of Us podcast is a weekly podcast with two software developers, each of whom is building a software application. They discuss topics like hiring developers, marketing their products, building and using mailing lists, and so on.

Internet Marketing for Smart People

Silly name, great podcast. The Internet Marketing for Smart People podcast is created by the folks from Copyblogger, and covers all aspects of online copywriting, online marketing, email marketing, and more.

If there are any other business podcasts I should be listening too, let me know in the comments.