Web 101: Defining Your Target Audience

“Who’s your target audience?”


At the start of every project, we ask our new clients who their target audience is and half the time, we here “everybody”. While we appreciate the ambition, that’s rarely the case.

Are you a plumber? Then your target audience is probably homeowners or property managers within a  50-mile radius of where you’re based.

An online stationary store? Then you’ll probably want to focus your efforts on female customers within a certain age range.

A law firm? Then potential clients who need your specialties, in the state where you’re certified to practice.

Pet supply superstore? Pet owners.

An investment firm? People with money.

Once you’ve defined the target audience (and possibly a secondary audience), you’re now ready to move forward. That target audience will help shape the goals of the website, the length and style of the content, the web design, and even the functionality the site includes.

So, think about your business. (Need a hand? Here’s an excellent article from Inc magazine on Defining Your Target Market that applies to websites too. Duct Tape Marketing also has How To Discover Your Perfect Target Customer, with even more tools to find your audience.)

Who’s your audience? Does your website speak to them as clearly as it could?