Celebrating 7 Years…

Back in 2005, I enjoyed a three-day 4th of July weekend, woke up early on Tuesday, July 5th, and started this company.

Granted, the groundwork had been laid months earlier. I’d been freelancing in the evenings and weekends, networking whenever and wherever possible, and working out the details of an arrangement with my employer, who kept me on in a part-time capacity while they interviewed replacements.

So, with this year’s holiday behind us, I realize we’ve been in business for an unbelievable 7 years!

I’ve learned a lot over the last 7 years, about design, programming, and other elements of our ever-shifting industry. But, I’ve also enjoyed a crash course in business, marketing, sales, contracts, bookkeeping and accounting, delegation and management, and countless other skills that aren’t part of the standard liberal arts curriculum.

I’ve focused a lot this year on the company itself… building and improving internal processes, developing a stronger team of designers, programmers and other specialists, and focusing our services on what we do best.

With a stronger foundation in place, a wonderful list of clients, and a slowly recovering economy, I’m excited for the next 7.