Setting A Goal

So, now that you know your target audience, what is it that you want them to do?

It is ideal to think of one action you want your website’s visitors users to take. That way, you can design and build your website to facilitate that action, and you can determine success by measuring how many visitors complete that action. (This is known as a conversion, which we’ll discuss in more detail in a later post.)

Your desired action can vary greatly depending on your audience, your business and your website. For example:

  • An online kitchen gadget store, obviously, wants their visitors to browse and buy their product(s).
  • A medical office wants a potential patient to schedule an appointment, be it via phone or an online form.
  • A regional restaurant chain may drive customers to visit the nearest physical location.
  • A marketing firm may simply want to collect contact info of potential leads, so they can follow up later.

Action Item: What is the one action you want your website visitors to take? Looking at your organization’s current website, how easy is it for visitors take that action?