Know Your Numbers

Is your website successful?

To answer that, you need to compare your website’s goals to your website’s performance. And for that, you need analytics.

Most hosting companies offer a basic analytics software, like WebTrends or Urchin, that can get you some baseline numbers like number of visitors or time spent on site. (Note, sometimes these need to be manually activated to start tracking your numbers.)

But given a choice, we prefer Google Analytics. It’s a full-featured, incredibly robust analytics tool that you can install on any website… for free! Here are a few of the things we track with it:

  • Unique Visitors Per [time period]
  • Geographic Location of Your Visitors
  • Average Time Spent On Site
  • Average # of Pages Per Visit
  • % of visitors to complete a pre-determined conversion path (Example: Homepage > Our Services > Request a Quote)
  • % Mobile Users vs Traditional Users

Action Item: Does your organization’s website have analytics? Review your numbers for the last month, the last quarter, and the last year. Any noticeable trends? Do the numbers support your online goals?

Bonus Action Item: No analytics on your site? Install Google Analytics, using this guide from Dynamic Web Solutions, our SEO partners. Or, give us a call!