WordPress vs. Expression Engine

When selecting your content management software, it’s important to select the right tool for the job. For most of our projects, we lean towards two popular content management packages, WordPress and Expression Engine.

WordPress is a free open-source software that started as blogging software and quickly developed into a full-featured CMS with a huge user base, a rabid developer community, and a giant marketplace of aftermarket add-ons and plugins. How big is WordPress? Some sources estimate that WordPress powers 15% of the world’s websites and 22% of US websites.

Expression Engine is paid commercial software from Ellis Lab. It also started as a blogging platform called pMachine, and was re-released as Expression Engine soon after. It also has a great developer community and a quickly growing of free and paid plugins. We favor “EE” for more robust sites, with many different types of content.

Action Item: Review your organization’s website and make note of the different types of content it currently has. Anything else you need to add? This will come in handy when choosing a CMS for your project.