Retainer Plans

As part our ongoing monthly maintenance retainers, we regularly update your site’s core software, monitor your server performance, make proactive recommendations for improvements, and provide unlimited support and guidance.

Retainer package includes: MONTHLY $250 quarterly $250 A LA CARTE
Website backups (site files & database) Weekly Weekly n/a
WordPress software updates Bi-Weekly Monthly n/a
Website performance & analytics review Monthly Quarterly n/a
Website update call or meeting Monthly Quarterly n/a
Support calls or emails Unlimited Unlimited Billed hourly
Scheduling of changes and updates Priority Scheduling Priority Scheduling As Available
Hourly rate for non-maintenance updates $100/hr $125/hr $125/hr

Web Hosting and Support – $50/mo – optional

  • Dynamic, cloud-based hosting through top-tier RackSpace Cloud
  • Includes Pingdom service, that tests website uptime every 5 minutes and alerts of any problems
  • Pricing includes full hosting support
  • No setup or site transfer charges
  • 28 Media becomes your single point of contact for all things web!

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